One of my favourite snacks for a while now has been a big bowl of granola drowned in almond milk. I’ve tried countless different brands and flavours of granola, and I have concluded that my favourite are those that are jam-packed full of different nuts. However, the sad reality is that 99% of shop-bought granola is absolutely full of added sugar!

So, should you never eat granola again? of course you should! But it was only recently that I realised how simple it is to make at home. You can customise your own granola to suit your taste buds while significantly decreasing the sugar content, it’s a win-win really.

So, here’s my recipe..

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Coconut & Vanilla Protein Pancakes


It’s taken me some time to figure out the perfect protein pancake recipe. There always seems to be inconsistencies and added hurdles when adding protein to a pancake mix and although it’s been a long path to get here, I have fiinally come up with the most delicious protein pancakes i’ve ever tried. Of course you don’t have to add protein if that’s not your thing, simply substitute the protein powder for extra flour.

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Chia Pudding


This sweet dessert (or snack if you’re like me) is perfect for when you’re on the go or feeling far too lazy to bake. These little treats are high in fibre, protein and the great thing about them is that you can tailor them to your own personal taste for a fresh snack that is oozing with flavour. I’m sure you’ve seen these all over instagram and maybe even tried your hand at making one. However, speaking from experience, it is really hard to get the ratio of chia seed to liquid just right, and get the same results as those perfect puddings you’ve been dying to try. After a few too many tried and tested recipes, I think I have finally hit the nail on the head and here’s how I’ve done it..

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Easy-Peasy Cleantella


I’ve always been a chocolate lover, something about the indulgency and creaminess that I can’t get enough of. I will often eat myself sick with the stuff, but that hasn’t stopped me. However, as I’ve learned more about nutrition and how to best look after myself through my diet, I quickly realised my chocolate habits would have to change. Of course, giving it up wasn’t an option so instead I have switched my milk chocolate for a new love of dark chocolate, and the all famous nutella for a friendlier version after being introduced to the concept of cleantella in a café a few months back.

I promise, i’m not here to say “never eat nutella again!” but honestly, this took minimal time and effort to make and tastes as good as the ‘real’ stuff! So, here’s how I made it..

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