Carrot Cake Protein Oats


One of my favourite ever treats is carrot cake, so I thought, why not spruce up my everyday oats for a change with my favourite flavours? Now, I’m excited to eat oats in the mornings and I no longer find them boring. Porridge is a vehicle for taste and begs to be experimented with. This warm, spicy breakfast idea is packed full of protein, fibre, omega 3 and believe it or not it’s even one of your five-a-day! I have masked the hidden vegetables that go into making this dish, however don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! I promise, you’ll never go back to plain old oats.


◊ 40g oats

◊ 250ml almond milk

◊ 10g chia seeds

◊  1/2 tspn cinnamon

◊ 1/4 tspn nutmeg

◊ 1 drop vanilla essence

◊ 1/2 carrot, grated

◊ 25g grated courgette (or, 1/2 a grated apple)

◊ 20g vanilla protein (optional)



◊ combine everything in a pot except the protein and about 50ml of the almond milk. Leave to soak for 5-10 minutes.

◊ cook on a low heat until your porridge has reached the desired consistency.

◊ remove from the heat and add in the protein. Stir thoroughly until the protein is fully combined without any lumps remaining (trust me, that’s a nasty surprise to bite into).

◊  Lastly, add as much of the remaining milk as necessary and stir until you reach your desired concistency.

  I have chosen to top mine with milled chia, flax and pumpkin seed along with some chopped fresh strawberries and a generous drizzle of agave syrup.


This breakfast makes for a real treat and is packed full of comforting, delicious flavours. Of course, you can mess around with this recipe as you please but always make sure to add the protein powder after cooking (you don’t want any hard lumps in your silky smooth porridge)! Do let me know if you try this recipe out and give me all your thoughts and feedback! What are your favourite flavour combinations to have in your porridge?


The Perky Peach


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