Easy-Peasy Cleantella


I’ve always been a chocolate lover, something about the indulgency and creaminess that I can’t get enough of. I will often eat myself sick with the stuff, but that hasn’t stopped me. However, as I’ve learned more about nutrition and how to best look after myself through my diet, I quickly realised my chocolate habits would have to change. Of course, giving it up wasn’t an option so instead I have switched my milk chocolate for a new love of dark chocolate, and the all famous nutella for a friendlier version after being introduced to the concept of cleantella in a café a few months back.

I promise, i’m not here to say “never eat nutella again!” but honestly, this took minimal time and effort to make and tastes as good as the ‘real’ stuff! So, here’s how I made it..


◊ 100g Hazelnuts (skinless if you can find them, if not I’ll explain how to prep them below)

◊ Pinch of salt

◊ 3 tbspns maple syrup

◊ 2 heaped tbspn cacao or cocoa powder

◊ drop of vanilla extract

◊ 50ml water



◊ If you have bought hazelnuts with the skin on, simply roast in the oven for 12 minutes at 180ºC. Then spread them out into a single layer and rub them with a rough paper towel to work the skins off.

◊ Once you have your skinless hazelnuts, simply blitz them in your food processor until they resemble rough sand, keeping bigger flecks of nuttiness for added texture.

◊ Then, simply add the remaining ingredients except the water and blitz again, slowly adding the water until your cleantella reaches a consistency you are happy with. (Note: you may need more than 50ml based on your own preference).

◊ Lastly, find yourself a pretty jar and store this decadent spread in the fridge.


As I hope you can see, this was super simple to make and this recipe is open to any customisation based on your own taste or imagination. I will be trying this on my favourite protein pancake recipe which I will be sharing very soon.

What’s your favourite way to enjoy cleantella?

(PS – if anyone has any chocolate recipes of their own, please share in the comments!)

The Perky Peach


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